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ABOUT Zero Waste Campus Council

The Zero Waste Campus Council (ZWCC) is dedicated to the advocacy, creation, and development of Zero Waste campuses.  Made up of members throughout the United States who are involved in bringing Zero Waste practices to their campus, ZWCC has served as a resource to campuses interested in waste reduction, Zero Waste, and Sustainable Materials Management.

ZWCC believes by committing to waste prevention through supply chain management, extended producer responsibility, incorporating reuse and repair, providing training, education, incentives, and aggressive collection programs, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and conserve resources while setting a positive example to employees and students who can implement these activities in their communities.

We are seeking individuals who are interested in joining ZWCC to share various Zero Waste program practices from campuses such as corporate or business, public agencies, and higher education andprovide mentorship opportunities for student /young professionals.

Please email Julie Muir to be added to our Slack Channel or get more information on how to get involved.

Zero Waste Campus Council Executive Team Members 2019/2020