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ABOUT Zero Waste Campus Council

The Zero Waste Campus Council (ZWCC) is dedicated to propelling institutional and corporate campuses nationwide towards a Zero Waste future through the sharing of resources and expertise. Our members are Zero Waste professionals with experience in diverse areas of Zero Waste, from upstream waste prevention and downstream materials management.

The ZWCC seeks to support the network of campuses across the United States who are on comparable Zero Waste journeys. Unique from general sustainability and recycling networks, we seek to share challenges, solutions, insights, and data specifically related to Zero Waste initiatives.

We organize and host zero waste workshops or contribute content, sessions, speakers or roundtables on zero waste in buildings at established conferences. Contact us if you are interested in having us organize a workshop at your next regional, state or national conference.

We are seeking individuals who are interested in joining ZWCC to share various Zero Waste program practices from campuses such as corporate or business, public agencies, and higher education and provide mentorship opportunities for students and young professionals.

Currently ZWCC uses Slack’s messaging platform. Slack is an instant messaging business communication platform, providing users with a single place for direct messaging, sharing tools and files, and collaborating across multiple topic channels. Our Slack Workspace is a space to share upcoming opportunities, like conferences and webinars, ask questions, and share expertise and resources.

  • Do you have a very successful reusable PPE program? Share a link or program outline.
  • Are you looking for help with getting the most out of your next RFP? We have samples and templates.
  • Not sure where to start with sustainable labs? Neither do we! But let's figure it out together.

Join our Slack Workspace today! Contact Kikei Wong if you have difficulties signing up.

Don't miss our monthly informal conversations - Meet Up, Waste Down! Held every 4th Tuesday of the month at 10am PT/1pm ET on Zoom.  We aim to create a flexible, shared space to connect with colleagues across the country and talk informally in break rooms about various topics, from Zero Waste Planning to implementation, and everything in between and beyond. Registration required.

If you have any questions about ZWCC or want to get involved, please email Julie Muir.

Zero Waste Campus Council Executive Team Members 2021/2022