ZWCC Technical Council

Zero Waste Campus Council


Mission Statement:  The Zero Waste Campus Council, a technical council of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), is dedicated to advocating, creating, and supporting campuses that are moving toward Zero Waste. Our network of members are available to provide feedback on projects or ideas that reduce waste, promote circular economy, and/or implement other Zero Waste practices in any campus environment.

Zero Waste Campus Council (ZWCC) was formed to support the network of campuses who are on comparable Zero Waste journeys. Unique from general sustainability and recycling networks, we seek to share challenges, solutions, insights, and data specifically related to Zero Waste Workspace initiatives. ZWCC seeks to connect both those institutions with well-developed Zero Waste Goals/Plans, as well as those who may just be starting out.  We have created a ZWCC Slack Workspace to share upcoming opportunities, like conferences and webinars, as well as expertise and resources, with the goal of propelling campuses nationwide towards a Zero Waste future.

Slack is an instant-messaging platform where users have a single place for messaging, sharing tools and files, and collaborate across multiple topic channels or direct messaging from user to user.  We believe that Slack will be a powerful tool to connect and encourage collaboration with our colleagues. 

To connect with ZWCC on Slack, click here.

If you have any questions or difficulties signing up, email Kikei Wong at

For all that are new to Slack, you can check out the introduction guide at this link.