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A local official called the settlement over the Decatur County landfill "significant," not only for its dollar amount but also for the scope of agreements the company made around operational changes.
Some of the industry's largest companies shared an evolving range of approaches to travel expectations, meeting structures, and operational decisions. Plans for SWANApalooza and ISRI 2020 have been suspended.
The unique startup hopes to facilitate recycling for 15,000 tons of glass this year, with a focus on more municipal partnerships. Founder Ionut Georgescu projects that could increase to 500,000 tons next year with new funding.
SWANA, NWRA and ISRI do not think there is cause for heightened alarm. Though they emphasized broader caution, at a time when details are changing rapidly and many events are being postponed or canceled.​
New Jersey could become the ninth site with a food waste diversion policy, but a multiyear debate over whether landfills with gas capture systems should count as a form of organics recycling is likely to continue.
The company is still scaling up plans for more processing capacity, but its CEO also now sees potential for a new business line. The concept could gain traction amid rising consumer awareness of food waste, experts say.
Activists pushing for the closure of Wheelabrator Baltimore are calling for a dramatic turn toward waste reduction and diversion. Some local officials are expected to back the plan with a new resolution today.
A recent SWANA event in Maine highlighted the presence of BYD, Lion and others in this quickly evolving sector. It was also a reminder that charging infrastructure remains a notable, and potentially expensive, startup factor.
Waste Dive spoke with CEO Patrick Dovigi about finally going public amid market turmoil, future growth strategy and plans for the company's first sustainability report.
In a Wednesday hearing, lawmakers formed stances along partisan lines over several pieces of federal recycling legislation. Republicans took a hard line against plastics bans and seemed to scrutinize shifting oversight to the federal government.
The Recycling Partnership and others are calling for greater investment to capture and sort #5 plastics, and some buyers say they can't get enough. Competing with booming virgin production may make this an expensive proposition.
Poor markets and high contamination rates in Broward County were cited as the initial rationale. Now, a Waste Management spokesperson tells Waste Dive incineration remains an option for material that can't be salvaged.
Republic Services and Waste Management predict GHG pricing at the state and federal level could be coming to their sector. If so, they worry current standards could "put a lot of us out of business."
Speaking at a National Geographic event, Jim Fish projected California would move ahead with European-style regulations. The remarks come as the company reevaluates its stance and broader discussions evolve on the limits of market-based solutions.
Public outcry and regulations remain an ongoing worry, an issue highlighted at this year's Global Waste Management Symposium. Some also see solving the crisis as potentially lucrative.
Plastics are a prominent focus for lawmakers this session, with multiple bills focused on banning items or mandating recycled content levels. The activity is part of an ongoing national trend at the state level.
A resolution by As You Sow and Trillium Asset Management was withdrawn following the agreement to share more details on equipment upgrades, plastics markets and more. A similar resolution is still pending with Republic Services.
Speaking at the Global Waste Management Symposium, the senior vice president emphasized a need to be more proactive around emerging topics such as plastics and the Green New Deal.
Catch up on Waste Dive's quarterly analysis of results from Waste Management, Republic Services, Waste Connections, Advanced Disposal Services, Casella Waste Systems and Covanta during 2019.
The rule will take effect April 27, according to NLRB, although the final date will be determined by the date of publication in the Federal Register.