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Board diversity can impact a company's culture, talent strategies and brand, writes Lisbeth McNabb, investor and corporate board director.
While the agency is authorized to issue emergency standards if it determines workers are in grave danger, it is entitled to "considerable deference."
Clothes comprise a notable chunk of the waste stream, and can have valuable second lives, but market dynamics are complex. Recent pandemic disruptions haven't helped.
The second acquisition for the New York-based technology company brings a sizable number of new customers, including multiple restaurant franchises.
Following a May lawsuit, multiple attorneys general are seeking a preliminary injunction against the agency's policy. The waste industry previously sought regulatory relief from states as the federal government has stepped back.
An aging RDF facility that handles one-third of Connecticut's waste could begin exporting to out-of-state landfills unless an agreement can be reached between the local authority, developer and state officials in less than three months.
Health care, packaging and other industries wrestling with recent supply chain disruptions are seen as potential opportunities for new reuse and remanufacturing initiatives.
Charlotte Solid Waste Services is one of multiple fleet operators to install plastic dividers to address worker safety risks in truck cabs, but some say concerns such as glare could be a factor in limiting widespread adoption.
Plastic bags are known for contaminating the recycling stream and causing problems at MRFs. With at least four states and many more municipalities affected by temporary policy changes, some recyclers are wary of impacts.
Despite unanimous consent, some senators still had reservations. Unlike the current program, the latest bill doesn't appear to give partial loan forgiveness if a recipient uses less than the payroll threshold, said Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME.
The Construction and Demolition Recycling Association said some members saw volumes down by 50% to 80%. As more states reopen, companies like Waste Management cite the sector as a source of potential optimism.
Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO of waste-to-hydrogen developer Ways2H, discusses how the waste sector could benefit from the use of the technology as it seeks to mitigate its climate impact.
Environmental nonprofits have pushed back on recent industry efforts to get priority legislation included in potential pandemic relief bills. Now, they're pointing to the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act as part of the solution.
Activity has declined across the state following Gov. Newsom's 60-day suspension of recycling center requirements, which expires in June. The state estimates this equates to a $61 million drop in deposits being redeemed.
The agency's latest workplace enforcement guidance for employers details how to determine if a coronavirus case is work related.
The Ninth Circuit affirmed a lower court's decision that the industry giant's exclusive franchise contract does not violate antitrust law. The smaller waste companies waging this legal battle have sought to undercut that agreement.
The Canada-based company's first sustainability report calculates emissions avoided from recycling, organics and other lines of business. GFL also touted its efforts to divert nearly 1.17 million metric tons of material in 2019.
The trade group called the new bipartisan bill "a win" for the industry that could address "bad debt" concerns. SWANA says it is also pursuing "far broader" FEMA reimbursement funding for both private and public sector operators.
Like solar panels, batteries may present a new revenue stream for closed landfills. Projects are complete, or underway, in multiple states.
St. Louis County commissioners recently asked the federal agency to address ongoing discharge issues. The local facility operator says it dilutes leachate in a process removing 95% of contaminants.