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Prevention, ReUse and Repair Technical Council

Prevention, ReUse and Repair Technical Council

... because recycling alone won't get us to Zero Waste.


PRR hosts a webinar series on topics of interest. Past webinars have included:

  1. Chris Rummell, SVdP Redux (Oct. 2016)
  2. Jamie Facciola, Repair Revolution ( 2016)
  3. Kyle Pogue, CalRecycle—Food Recovery (March 2017)
  4. Amy Hammes, City of Burbank & Sue Prelozni, Sustainable Surplus: Corporate Materials: Recovery & Donation (April 2017)
  5. Genevieve Abedon, Ecoconsult with Beth Terry, author of My Plastic-free Life—Plastics Pollution: Prevention & Reuse (June 2017)
  6. Karen Irwin, EPA Region 9: EPA Tool (Thurs., July 27, 2017)
  7. Sue Prelozni, Sustainable Surplus & Manuel Medrano, City of Chula Vista, Binational Coalition—(Dec. 13, 2017)
  8. Kyle Wiens, iFixit: Right to Repair—(April 4, 2018)

Stay tuned for future webinars and feel free to suggest a topic that interests you, or nominate yourself as a presenter!