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GAIA's #BeyondRecovery Series

GAIA is pleased to announce that the GAIA's global study Zero Waste and Economic Recovery: The Job Creation Potential of Zero Waste Solutions finds that zero waste creates the most jobs of any waste management approach--200x more than landfills and incinerators!

Zero waste systems not only create more jobs, they create better jobs. Studies show that jobs in zero waste go beyond basic manual labor, provide higher wages, offer more permanent positions and improve quality of life. Zero waste systems are an essential part of a just transition, where those impacted by waste pollution are the first to recieve the benefits of gainful zero waste employment. 

Let's stop throwing away the chance to create thousands of good jobs. It's time for our leaders to invest in solutions that work for us and our planet.


Fostering Sustainable and Healthy Behavior Workshops June 2021

Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr will be delivering introductory and advanced community-based social marketing training virtually in June. These workshops will be of particular interest to agencies working to promote waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, conservation, sustainable food consumption, the control of invasive species, modal transportation changes and other sustainable actions. These sessions will also be of interest to organizations promoting health and safety (e.g., hand washing, social distancing, active lifestyles, immunization, cancer prevention and screening, blood donations, earthquake and fire safety, workplace safety, etc.). Community-based social marketing is a unique approach to fostering both environment and health-related behavioral changes and is now being utilized globally. 

Introductory Workshop (Three four-hour sessions spread over June 1, 2 & 3): The introductory workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster  behavior change. Those who attend the workshop will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviors, identifying barriers, developing strategies, conducting pilots, and broad scale implementation) and be exposed to numerous case studies illustrating its use.  Participants will receive an electronic copy of the third edition of "An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing" as well as a certificate of completion. The introductory workshop is a mandatory prerequisite for the advanced workshop.

Advanced Workshop (Three four-hour sessions spread over June 8, 9, 10): The two-day advanced workshop provides an in-depth exploration of community-based social marketing. In this training, you will have the opportunity to apply this approach to a program that you are developing. Building on the introductory workshop, which is a mandatory prerequisite, participants will be exposed to advanced topics regarding fostering behavioral changes, with a particular focus on the formation of habits that protect the environment or promote public health and safety. You will also learn how to: 1) carefully select and "un-pack" the behaviors that you plan to target in your programs; 2) conduct barrier research that is representative of the audience you plan to target; 3) optimize the behavior change tools that you utilize in your programs; and 4) evaluate your programs, including calculating return-on-investment. The workshop also addresses the effective use of social media, apps and websites. Participants in the advanced workshop receive a certificate of completion following the training. This workshop is restricted to individuals who have previously attended Dr. McKenzie-Mohr's introductory workshop. If you have not yet attended an introductory workshop, reduced rates are available for attending both sessions.

Group Bookings
If you are interested in registering five or more people from the same agency, please contact us. For groups of five or more the reduction is $75 per person. These group reduced rates are in addition to our 10% reduction that we provide if someone registers for both the introductory and advanced workshop. 

Additional Information and Registration: 
Both the introductory and advanced workshops are being held virtually over Zoom and each workshop consists of three four-hour sessions spread over three days. These virtual workshops are identical in content to Dr. McKenzie-Mohr's in-person trainings. To accommodate attendees from across North America, the workshops begin at 8:30 am Pacific Standard Time (UTC-7) and finish at 12:30 pm on each day.   

Use the following coupon code to receive $50 off when registering:  36d85c1c    This savings is in addition to the 10% price reduction for those who attend both workshops. 

June Introductory & Advanced Workshops:


National Zero Waste Conference Call for Papers (June 1st) & Save the Date of December 8-9, 2021

The National Zero Waste Virtual Conference is a two-day is an educational and networking event organized by the National Recycling Coalition and Zero Waste USA.

Submit your presentation proposal by June 1st and register to attend HERE


Carton Council of North America Community Education Award Promotion

We are excited to announce that the Carton Council is launching their Community Education Award program, which will be awarding $2,000 each to up to 25 communities across the country for their work in educating residents about recycling, with special attention paid to food and beverage cartons.

Any eligible entry that wishes to participate should confirm that food and beverage cartons are accepted in their program and then sign up to participate by May 14, 2021 by filling out the form here. The actual submission is due November 17, 2021 to give entities time to execute their communication plans.


Notice of Funds Available: Beverage Container Redemption Pilot Project Grant Program 

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) administers a program to provide opportunities for California local government and recycling center operators to improve redemption opportunities for eligible beverage containers and increase recycling rates in unserved convenience zones statewide.

Applications to be submitted through January 1, 2022.