Virtual Conference Tips




System Requirements:

  • Browser: Chrome or Firefox (Up to date) are the BEST BROWSER OPTIONS FOR ALL CONFERENCE SOFTWARE
  • Internet: Consistent, high-speed, 10Mbps+
  • Firewalls: None that block webinars
  • Video Apps: None open (e.g., Skype)


Worried about Wifi? 

  • Be sure to limit the number of browser windows open. 
  • Consider limiting the number of items connected to your Wifi for the day, or just during your own presentation (if that applies)
  • Connect to your router


Opening Browsers and allowing them to access your mic and camera

If you are having a challenge turning on your mic or your camera, you may need to adjust your Browser security settings. 

  • For Chrome instructions, click here
  • For Firefox instructions, click here


The Basics for being on webcam:
  • Set your camera at eye level for best camera angle.
  • Face yourself toward the best light source in the room and remove any light from behind you.
  • Find a quiet space without as little ambient noise as possible.
  • Assume your mic is always on and assume your video is always on.
  • Declutter the visuals in your shot.
  • Find a solid, basic background and wear clothing in contrast for maximum visibility. 
  • Have a glass of water nearby, just in case. 
  • Don’t forget to smile and always wear pants! :) 
OPTIONAL Pro Level Moves
  • Use an LED ring light for enhanced visual clarity. Pricing starts at $40 on Amazon. 
  • Add in a USB microphone for optimal audio quality. Pricing starts at $50 on Amazon. (i.e. Amazon Basics Desktop Mini, Shure MV5, Blue Yeti)