EFR Technical Council

Edible Food Recovery Technical Council

Mission Statement

To promote edible food recovery for the purpose of helping with food insecuirty and removing edible resources from the waste or compost stream. The Technical Council will advocate for best practice and development of sustainable food systems to foster good donation habits and thoughtful behaviors, and to build capacity to recovery and repurpose excess edible food.

About Us

The Edible Food Recovery Technical Council (TC) will help develop membership and give recognition to CRRA throughout California by promoting advancement of food recovery systems throughout the state, and working together to help create sustainable programs. We will provide innovative information on best practices, strategies, partnerships and promotion of Edible Food Recovery as a means of reducing food insecurity, dignified food distribution practices/services, humanizing, normalizing help.

The Executive Committee meets monthly via conference calls, hosts quarterly webinars for TC members, expands membership and incorporate appropriate stakeholders for a thoughtful and well rounded technical council. Our work includes offering assistance on legislation, ordinances, food recovery donation programs, research, funding/support, data aggregation and other innovative measures to provide well thought out and comprehensive food recovery program(s).