2011 - Advocacy

2011 Positions

Bill # Author Subject Note: CRRA positions are subject to change based on changes to legislative text. CRRA Position
AB 298 Brownley Would require reusable bags are made from materials that can be cleaned and disinfected; bags may not contain lead, cadmium, or any other heavy metal in toxic amounts. Support
AB 34 Williams Spot bill potentially for compost use issue. Watch
AB 341 Chesbro Mandate local govs provide recycling program for businesses with >4 yards of weekly garbage/recycling services, and potentially all multi family residences;  Increase AB 939 waste diversion mandate from 50% to 75% by 2020; Ease review process for local nondisposal facility element (NDFE); Change submission deadline for local diversion mandate reports to May 1. Support
AB 525 Gordon Would extend for 5 years tire recycling grant program that would otherwise expire this year. Support
AB 818 Blumenfield Would enact the Renters’ Right to Recycle Act would require MFD owners to arrange for recycling services. Support
AB 900 Swanson Require schools to provide recycling and composting bins, but says nothing about provision of recycling collection services. Watch
AB 921 Allen Would enact the Agriculture Water Efficiency with Compost Use and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2011, requiring CalRecycle in consultation with UC to measure agricultural water efficiency resulting from the use of compost. Support
AB 960 Bonnie Lowenthal Would require recyclers to conform their export practices as a condition of receiving existing payments under California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003. Support
AB 1149 Gordon and Wieckowski Would extend for 5 years the Plastic Market Development program that would otherwise expire 1/1/12. Support
SB 515 Corbett Establish a product stewardship program for household batteries including rechargeable and single-use alkaline batteries. Support
SB 567 DeSaulnier Would prohibit misleading labeling of plastic products such as “biodegradable” on plastic products. Support
SB 568 Lowenthal Would prohibit use of polystyrene foam food takeout containers, including clamshells, cups and bowls. Support
SB 915 Calderon Would suspend local plastic bag ordinances and prohibit local governments from enacting plastic bag bans or fees on plastic bags. Would also establish a mandatory recycled content in plastic bags (Year 1 - 5% PC; Year 2 – 7% PC; Year 3 – 10% PC), increase funding for recycling education, and establish incentives for consumers to return or recycle plastic bags. Oppose
AB 204 Halderman Sales and use taxes exemption for biomass energy production Watch
AB 712 Williams Convenience Zone recyclers Watch
AB 768 Gatto WTE Watch
AB 812 Ma Use of recycled concrete and asphalt by CalTrans Watch
AB 1019 Perez Carpet Watch
AB 1178 Ma Spot Watch
SB 41 Yee Sharps Watch
SB 419 Simitian Sharps Watch
SB 457 Huff Curbside collection of HHW Watch
SB 518 Simitian Bottle Bill Watch
SB 589 Lowenthal Spot Watch
SB 771 Kehoe LFG to energy Watch
SB 833 Vargas Spot Watch
SB 932 Leno Spot Watch