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Dated January 22, 2009

This document is intended to provide a common frame of reference for all CRRA members to understand the organization, and to provide a base of reference for the development of new policies in the future.

As CRRA continues to grow, this Manual will be updated continually with new statements of policy and procedures. As a "living document," this manual is intended to ensure the continuity of CRRA policies, while adapting to changing times. CRRA Technical Councils and Chapters are encouraged to identify areas not covered by existing policies and recommend new policies and procedures that are not captured here. If anyone identifies an important one that is missing, please forward it to our attention to be incorporated herein.

This Policy and Procedures Manual is also intended to assist Chapters and Technical Councils to apply adopted CRRA policy to their local circumstances or individual policies and programs they are addressing.

Happy reading and good luck in helping to establish policies and programs that will encourage reuse industries, recycling and composting to expand to meet the challenges of the next century!

CRRA Board, 2009-2010:

Julie Muir, President
Richard Anthony, Vice President
Olivia Sanchez, Secretary
David Krueger, Treasurer
Leslie Lukacs
Tracie Bills
Bob Nelson
Peter Slote
Laura Anthony