Prevention, ReUse and Repair Council

Prevention ReUse and Repair Council

The mission of the Prevention, Reuse & Repair Technical Council (TC) is to promote waste prevention, materials reuse and repair for the purpose of achieving Zero Waste in California and beyond. 

This Technical Council helps develop membership and give recognition to CRRA throughout California by providing a forum for discussion and action around a popular and important topic.  We provide focused, cutting-edge information on prevention, reuse and repair.

Interested in getting involved?  Contact PRR Chairperson, Shana Levy McCracken for more details, or register to join a monthly call here.



Successful Cross-Border ReUse Webinar, December 13, 2017

The San Diego region presents many opportunities for beneficial reuse and salvage of valuable materials and products for our neighbors in Mexico. Cross-border, faith-based and non-profits/NGOs facilitate a range of efforts that benefit those in need.

  • Manuel Medrano is a Senior Recycling Specialist for the City of Chula Vista. He has worked in the sustainability field for 15 years, focusing on issues such as recycling, hazardous waste management, business development and public education. Manuel belongs to several multi-agency committees and environmental health cross-border (U.S./Mexico) working groups. Click here for Manuel's presentation.
  • Sue Prelozni is the Executive Director of Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE), a 501(c)3 public benefit organization based in San Diego. SSE supports the environment by diverting corporate surplus and out-of-use items from landfills and redirecting them for use by the community. Surplus includes everything from office supplies and furniture to computers and laboratory equipment.

The presenters discussed current issues of cross-border donation; talked about the recently formed Binational Coalition of Nonprofits (BCN); provided an update of Customs regulations regarding donation; and gave examples of successful donations.  Listen to the presentation here.